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VoiceIntellicom, from our inception in 2005, has grown with an ideal combination of knowledge, experience and skills all derived from a solid mix of Traditional TDM voice and data communications, more modern Packet Switched (IP and VoIP / SIP) communications and aggregated LAN , WAN and IP security infrastructures. Coupled with this, our team also possesses an ideal mix of historical End user, Applications Developer and Service Provider experience, meaning that we can apply a balanced approach and clear perspective to all elements of our customers service needs, and how they can be best fulfilled, delivered and supported with an informed practical and commercially sound approach.

  • Telephony, Call Centre & Unified Communications : Intellicom offer a unique set of products and services built with an open standards approach, easy 3rd party systems integration and focused on scalability, performance and feature availability.

  • Customised Systems Development : Let us design and build you a solution to exactly match your requirements. Integration with popular external applications and systems and bespoke solutions development for in depth and secure voice and data communications.

  • Reduce Telecoms Costs : Choose an efficient and high quality voice telecommunications service, which significantly reduces your enterprise IT & recurring service costs, offers a full range of flexible connectivity options and is built on the basis of reliability, security and scalability.