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Streets Ahead, a Better Telecoms Solution

Neil Wisdom, managing director of Intellicom and Eoin Power, operations manager of Ray Cooke Auctioneers

For Ray Cooke Auctioneers, exploiting the functionality and cost savings of VoIP were top of their list when they brought Intellicom on-board to design and deliver a 21st Century telecoms solution.

Their existing legacy telephone system was constraining the business, as Eoin Power, operations manager at Ray Cooke Auctioneers outlines, “Being accessible and responsive is imperative to the success of our business and a hallmark of our reputation. Standard phone lines are typically one line – one call and we were conscious that, at times, customers were receiving a busy tone when they were calling us. That’s not something the business could tolerate going forward.”

A growing business, with four offices around Dublin city, the solution now in place with Ray Cooke Auctioneers is Intellicom’s VoIP Hosted Solution. High quality telephony is a given but with four fully networked sites, delivered by Intellicom, they also benefit from the ability to transfer customer calls to subject matter experts within any office around the city or on mobile, enabling deeper engagement with customers.

Adding additional extensions or phone numbers happens quickly and seamlessly and this enables the business to respond faster to opportunities. For marketing campaigns, dedicated phone numbers can be brought on for advertising campaigns or a social media platform, and it is now easy to see where the results are being achieved. Call reporting is also included, enabling real-time analysis of call volumes or duration per extension, per office or overall within the business.

The Intellicom hosted solution also ensures that all in-system upgrades at Intellicom are automatically deployed and enjoyed by Ray Cooke Auctioneers. “They benefit from ongoing enhancement of the Intellicom Hosted Solution which means that as we do software upgrades or new functionality is added, they also benefit, without any effort on their part”, said Neil Wisdom, managing director of Intellicom.

Reflecting on how the solution works day-to-day, Eoin Power said, “While it is hosted by Intellicom, we are in charge of our own system and that’s giving us not only cost savings but also confidence to see the telecoms solution as a constantly evolving and adaptive element of our business. That’s a powerful thing.”

Eoin Power, operations manager at Ray Cooke Auctioneers and Neil Wisdom, managing director of Intellicom