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New Number Allocation

KeypadIntellicom can provide our customers with a full array of additional National and International geographical, non-geographical or premium rate numbers.

  • We can assign numbers relevant to your physical or virtual office location and inbound or outbound call profiles and campaigns within Ireland or around the world and offer a range of billing options including toll shared, toll paid (free phone) and customer paid numbers.

In-country (Ireland) numbers :

  • Geographical
    • Local & National (preceding County code)
  • Non-Geographical :
    • 1890 & 1850 shared cost (in-country only)
    • 1800 Toll Free
    • 0818 Universal Access Number
    • 076 VoIP non-geographical number allocations

International numbers :

  • Geographical (country / city) & Non-Geographical (shared cost and toll free)
  • International Freephone