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IP WAN Connectivity

iStock_000009935570XSmallIf your business requires high speed IP WAN connectivity including internet connectivity with Tier 1 peering and redundant delivery – then you should be talking to Intellicom about our High Availability metro Ethernet, Business ISP and IP Transit Internet Connectivity Services. We use high quality, high availability private IP and public IP Transit links to provide our IP Voice SIP trunk services to our customers. Based on services from proven and reliable indigenous Telecoms companies with direct connectivity to multiple Global Tier 1 Internet Service Providers, Intellicom’s Internet Connectivity services offer high availability via multiple diverse physical ports through multiple high availability data centres using multiple diverse routes out of the country, coupled with direct peering with INEX and CNIX for ‘in country’ traffic, very low latency network response time and advanced DDoS protection.

Service Features include :

  • Multiple diverse Tier 1 Backbone connections across multiple ports in multiple locations

  • Connectivity options to suit all budgets and business requirements from single line xDSL or multiple redundant fibre or licensed radio links

  • Multiple routes around the country and in and out of Ireland

  • IPv4 and IPv6 native delivery

  • Flat rate or burst billing (95th percentile)

  • 24 x 7 proactive SLA monitoring

  • Advanced DDoS detection and protection

  • Direct peering with INEX and CNIX

  • Bandwidth Increments 2Mbps to 1Gbps

  • Physical and Logical :

    • Single Port or Multiple Ports

    • Provider Allocated IP address space

    • Primary and Secondary DNS (Business ISP service)

    • DDoS protection