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Electronic Security

internet_security[1]Almost all modern Unified Communications system are designed and built to fully or partially communicate between end points using the IP protocol on Packet Switched Ethernet networks across the Local, Metropolitan and Wide Area Networks linking the users and systems together.

In a world of hacking, viruses, malware and Trojans your Voice traffic is as liable to ‘attack’, either directly or indirectly (as collateral damage as a result of wider data network attacks), as any other more traditional data traffic.

‘Voice’ is just another specialised IP packet but it needs a considered and experienced approach to ensure the end to end communications path is properly architected and secured with an appropriate set of configurations and security devices and systems along the way.

Intellicom have a wealth of experience in the area of Voice Security (both for traditional TDM systems and more modern IP based systems). We provide SBC, Firewall, VPN and analysis tools and systems within the core of our carrier network and also on our customer sites as required to ensure a highly robust and secure infrastructure is delivered for any new customer implementation.