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DataIn today’s world Voice ‘is’ Data. Almost all modern voice communications systems utilise the IP protocol and share much of the same LAN or WAN network infrastructure as traditional ‘Data’. VoIP communications require carefully architected and managed network topologies to ensure a high quality and highly reliable, consistent and secure service delivery. Few ICT and Telecommunications organisations truly understand the full ‘end to end’ communications path between a Voice end point such as a VoIP Handset and its voice or UC application server which could be located in a different building, county or Country.

Intellicom provide a complimentary range of ‘Data’ products and services to support and enhance our core product and service offerings. If you prefer a ‘one stop shop’ solution to include the necessary LAN, WAN and Security infrastructure we are in an ideal position to fulfil all of your requirements and can offer a single supply contract and One Point of Contact, either directly, or in association with our carefully chosen and validated product and service provider partners.

  • The Network’ : Delivery of a full set of products, services and connectivity to enable any VoIP based telephony or call centre system. LAN, MAN, WAN – secure, scalable, high performance.

  • Total Solutions Capability : Allow us to design and build your complete solution for any Unified Communications need. Extensive multi-vendor knowledge and 3rd party integration capabilities, with a full portfolio of voice and data hardware, software and services.

  • Customised Systems Development : Let us design and build you a solution to exactly match your requirements. Integration with popular external applications and systems and bespoke solutions development for in depth and secure voice and data communications.