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Intellicom provide a range of Cloud based services for our retail and wholesale customers.

Located in multiple tier 4 ready commercial data centres in Dublin and Cork our Intellicom ICP platform is secure, scalable and highly resilient.

We provide Hosted SoftSwitch call termination, Enterprise Telephony and full Call Centre connectivity and services to any size of organisation – all you need is a suitably sized and reliable public (Internet) or private IP WAN link to provide the required connectivity between your end users and our core applications and services.

For a small or medium-sized business in particular, the capital investment required to set up a VoIP based Telephony infrastructure in-house could be too high compared to the potential return, but cloud telephony can offer the same services on a lower-cost subscription basis. The cloud telephony provider is also an expert in the technology, whereas a small business is unlikely to have an employee with the same level of expertise, or cannot justify the expense of a full-time telecommunication infrastructure position to manage and maintain a typical on premises system.

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