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Carrier Pre-Selection

Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) is a simple service that allows you to select an alternative telecommunications provider, such as Intellicom, in place of your existing carrier to carry all of your outbound voice traffic and avail of the financial savings that will accrue as a result.

With CPS there is no inconvenience to you or your business, no call diverters, no new line installations, no manual prefixing or phone systems reprogramming to be implemented. Simply keep your existing phone numbers and lines and continue to make calls as usual – however, now avail of our substantial cost savings.

Intellicom can manage the process from start to finish – all you need to be is an existing eircom customer and a business who wishes to save money. With our CPS service Intellicom becomes your single point of contact for service, billing and support. We offer prompt and efficient services and fast customer response.

Simply send us a copy of a recent bill, we’ll perform an initial call analysis, send you a simple contract form and we’ll do the rest !

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