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Call Termination

iStock_000001234764XSmallMany organisations are already using VoIP within the enterprise LAN and, as a result, are achieving significant cost-savings on intra-company communications.  However, SIP termination offers far greater scope for return on investment by extending these cost savings beyond the boundaries of the LAN.

Traditionally, organisations rent PSTN and ISDN lines from their service provider.  However, SIP termination completely eliminates these PSTN/ISDN rental charges by using your existing telephony system as an IP gateway to the outside world for voice communications.  All you need is a suitable sized and reliable public Internet link or a private IP WAN circuit into our core network. Our Call Termination services work with our own Intellicom ICP telephony & contact centre solutions or virtually any other make or model of existing Telephony system you may have, including Microsoft Lync based deployments.

SIP trunking delivers many benefits including;

  • Eliminates PSTN/ISDN rental charges.
  • Leverages existing investment in technology.
  • Maximises throughput and optimises usage of your internet connectivity by delivering voice and data on the one link.
  • Slashes the voice call rates for local, mobile and international calls.
  • Scales with your business and negates the need to invest in additional PSTN or BRI/PRI lines or cards as your company’s footprint grows.
  • Introduces additional system redundancy by using multiple links and/or multiple IP WAN service providers.

Our Intellicom ICP SoftSwitch solution leverages your existing connectivity and helps you to save up to 60% on international and up to 30% on local, national, mobile and International call rates with Intellicom iConnect voice rates. If you wish to receive a copy of our latest call rate card, please contact your account manager or send a request to and we will send it to you by return (copy of a recent bill is required for call and cost analysis).