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Experience a full range of audio conferencing services from Intellicom with a variety of options for managing participation. Tailor all of our services to accommodate your meeting and maximize your audio conferencing experience.

Choose from the following services:

Simple to use and Low Cost – iConference can be used ‘on the fly’ or via our online user / administration portal. Dedicated conference rooms can be assigned to individuals or groups of users with private PIN codes. Pay Only for the time you spend on the conference - No Setup or Service Rental charges !

Recording & Playback – iConference includes call / conference recording and playback facilities at no additional cost

Self Service / Reservation-less Audio Conferencing – Lead and participate in audio conference calls at anytime, from anywhere around the World. Conduct a reservation-less conference call 24/7, with our most popular audio teleconferencing service. Utilise your own unique private conference room with on-the-fly admin and user pass codes or Reserve a self service teleconference call and receive a one-time passcode for enhanced security.

Operator Attended Audio Conferencing – Conduct your teleconference call with an experienced Meeting Manager.  Take advantage of a Meeting Manager for continuous operator support throughout your most important audio conferencing events. We can assist you every step of the way for your next event with a full range of event registration, management and reporting options.

Video Conferencing Services – Intellicom iConference can help your organisation bridge multiple locations utilizing traditional ISDN, IP (H.323) or a hybrid of both. You can enjoy face-to-face meetings without the need to travel while optimizing your time and money resources.  iConference Video Conferencing solutions are available for more specialised Video based conferencing services.

Web Conferencing and Online Meetings – Achieve maximum visual impact with your audience with seamlessly integrated online meetings. You can choose your own external web conferencing solution and easily integrated it with the Intellicom iConference system.

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